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Due to Covid-19 the Hobby Lobby Venue is closed until further notice. Classes will still be held at the Nampa Rec as there is ample space to social distance.

As a Certified Bob Ross Instructor in both Landscapes and Florals, I absolutely love teaching students the joy of painting. If you know anything about Bob Ross, you know that he was a wonderful man who created an incredible method of teaching beginners to paint successfully in just one class. He also believed, as do I, that absolutely anyone can do this. You do not need to be born with a gift or natural ability. All it takes is willingness and desire. Even though I’ve heard something along the lines of, “I can’t even draw a stick figure” literally hundreds of times, I have been able to prove self doubters wrong.

If you are here reading this, I am assuming that you are curious about painting in this method yourself. Let me assure you that you CAN do it, and you will be successful by taking one of my classes. Why not sign up today and have a wonderful experience?

If you have enjoyed a class with me, please consider leaving a review.


5.0 rating
September 7, 2020

Sherry painted my best friend Bruneau from a digital photograph I had of him. I simply cannot believe how well it came out. It looks exactly like him. The detail and the colors are amazing! The painting is in my living room and I love how the different colors emerge as the light changes, and no glare. I feel like Bruneau is back in my living room with me. Thank you Sherry!

Mike Arnold

Jacob Lee

5.0 rating
September 3, 2020

Sherry did such a wonderful job capturing the essence and spirit of my husband’s beloved best friend Jacob Lee (aka Jake). I gave it to him as a birthday present and it made him cry! I highly recommend Sherry. Give her an opportunity to help memorialize your fur friend!

Courtney St James


5.0 rating
April 16, 2019

Sherry is a wonderful instructor that does a magnificent job at continuing Bob Ross’s legacy, The Joy of Painting. Painting should make you feel good! I had lots of fun and shared laughs at both classes I attended. Her daughter is also a joy to have in class!!

Kamden McClure