Sherry Pence

We live in a noisy world, so as an artist who suffers from hyperacusis-a hearing sensitivity disorder, I paint to seek calm in the chaos. The ritual discipline of putting brush to canvas provides me with a profound sense of peace. My artwork often reflects the quietness I seek.

Art is an expression of our shared human experience. We connect through nostalgia, a sense of wonder, and hope for the future. This is what drives me ever forward as an artist.

I have lived a life largely subject to the mercy of other people, resulting in a life-time spent traveling, constantly displaced from the concept of “home”. The subject matter I paint is the documentation resultant from this unique journey. I specifically seek to capture my favorite memories, moments of serenity, and ideas which convey what “home”, such as it is, means to me.

This yearning for peace (quiet) and stability (home) is what drives my work. My paintings represent these concepts, both idealized and practical, with notes of lightheartedness and humor. I want to share these simple yet elegant reminders of what our souls yearn to come home to time and time again, even if home is only an idea.

Through my paintings, you can take a moment out of your life to just be still and quiet and peaceful.