Mangoes and Burnt Sienna

Mangoes on Plate
16X20 oil on linen

I thought I’d share a painting in progress. I really love seeing inside the processes of any creative endeavor. It gives one insight into the mind of the artist, and I find it fascinating.

I’m extra excited about this particular painting because I’ve used all four of the paints I have handmade thus far. I don’t exactly know why, but it means so much to me now that I’ve extended my process into paint making.

Hand mixing a burnt sienna from Italy

This photo is a burnt sienna, a pure pigment that came from Italy. I mixed and tubed it. The making of the paint has a meditative quality for me. I very much look forward to mixing the next batch. I take all my materials and tools outside while I mix, and I take my time, reflect on the color and texture, all whilst listening to my chicken coo and scratch around.

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